Calibration requirements

Breathalyser Calibration: What you need to Know


Breathalysers can be calibrated to make sure that results are continuously accurate. This ensures that continuous usage of your breathalyser will not result in faulty results, and that you will always get the correct results every time.


What is calibration?


Calibration is when a device’s accuracy is made to be as close as possible to a standard device. This is done to make sure that the measurements taken by the device all have the same baseline, therefore are all correct.


Breathalyser calibration makes sure that the blood alcohol consumption readings that you take using your breathalyser have not been affected by previous results. This is because time and use can make the stored levels in your breathalyser to change, and so a calibration is necessary to return the breathalyser’s memory to its original standards.


How often do we need to calibrate?


The frequency of a breathalyser’s calibration depends greatly on the number of times it is used on a regular basis. An average user, or a person who utilizes their breathalyser around five times a week, will need to have their device recalibrated for around four to six months.


Owners that use their breathalysers more often may need to have their devices recalibrated more often. Certain breathalysers may also necessitate that a person have them recalibrated after a certain number of uses, along with possible replacements for the device’s sensors.


Why is calibration important?


Calibration ensures that any results that may be received by a certain device are accurate. Since machines may naturally lose the ability to give exact measurements every time, there is a risk for erroneous readings. Possibly, there may even make unfavourable consequences arise.


Calibrating a device can guarantee your ability to see that something is within its normal limits. Devices that have worn down their accurate measuring abilities may easily compromise any of your decisions that are related to its results. If any important circumstances may come from the consequence of a specific reading on your breathalyser, you should make sure that your machine is always calibrated.

Finally, a calibration is most important because it would allow you to rely as well as you can on your device. You can be assured that any and all measurements that you have will be as close to the real measurements as possible.  


Where can calibration be done?


 Take your Andatech breathalyser to us, and you may find that the advantages to regular recalibration far outweigh any other inconveniences it might bring.


Calibrating breathalysers has a very important effect on your measurements: making sure that all of the readings you are able to take are accurate. This will give you the ability to constantly receive the most accurate and trustworthy results, and you can easily monitor the readings that you are receiving.


We Ensure you that our range of Breathalyzer can be calibrate here


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