The Importance of Complying with AS 3547

Medical data taken from Victoria Hospital between 2000 and 2009 showed an increase in alcohol-related hospitalisation of many young Aussies particularly on the eve and during public holidays. Consequently, one of the most highly recommended preventive measures is to have your own breathalyser.

Tips on How to Buy a Breathalyser

It is a well-known fact that drunk driving is one of the hazards of public safety on the highway. To prevent accidents, breathalysers are used by law enforcement officials as a non-invasive way to estimate if an intoxicated driver is fit to drive or not.

A breathalyser determines the blood alcohol content (BAC) of an individual by collecting his/her breath sample. It uses a chemical reaction where it changes colour when it interacts with alcohol. The latest technological innovations are useful in producing breathalysers that have an accurate reading. They are now being used in personal and industrial applications.

Importance Of Breathalyzer Calibration

Breathalysers can be calibrated to make sure that results are continuously accurate. This ensures that continuous usage of your breathalyser will not result in faulty results, and that you will always get the correct results every time.

Comparison between Semi Conductor Breathalyzer and Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyzer

The sensor of a breathalyser is responsible for detecting and measuring the blood alcohol consumption (BAC) level of the test’s target. It is the component of the device that converts the alcohol in the breath sample into a quantifiable number that the breathalyser can then return to the user.